So, who the hell are you?

I’m a curly haired, chips and salsa freak, Parks and Rec on repeat kinda girl. My mother would tell me to re-write the above because cussing isn’t professional. But I grew up with a father who was a teacher and coach so kindness and respect is my middle name. My creative soul lives in my mother and the determination of my father breathe life out of me every day. I am who I am with Italian blood that runs deep so I will tell it to you straight with passion. I’m looking for the laid-back, spicy, spirited freakin’ passionate souls to encompass my life. The kind of people who care about their craft and the way they are changing the world. I don’t count carbs because GOD made Italians and Italians made pasta. I do feel deeply about educating myself and leading a healthy lifestyle.

I care about being respectful to others and being true to YOURSELF. My weekends are as extreme as my clothing attire. You can find me dressed to the nine exploring a new city one weekend and hiking a mountain with a cold local brew the next. Preferably in some type of hat. Ball cap preferred. My friends would describe me as the mom of the group. Straight-forward, sweet, trust worthy, caretaker. I’m a long winded story teller, but you can count on a juicy plot to keep you on the edge of your seat. My favorite day is Sunday because it’s game day. Football and board games that is. I get to be with my niece and nephew, close family and of course my main man/lover of 9 years. I’m not married but I probably have more experience then half the married population. I actually use to HATE playing board games but it was mostly because I’m a poor loser. I am a 7 enneagram to a T. If you don’t know what that is yet you probably live in hole or don’t use instagram. My mom studied personality types so I actually grew up learning about that long before it started blowing up.

I’m a dreamer and I’m here to share my dreams with yours.

Stay Spicy,