1. Mile IQ: Mileage tracking

By far my FAVORITE app. I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful to live in a digital age. How did anyone ever keep track of all their miles by hand?! Bye felicia. I definitely do not have time for that.   

MileIQ has made my life ten times easier by tracking where and when I am headed somewhere. I can then log it later on as a personal or business ride and categorize specifically what type of drive it was! It even creates spreadsheets that I can send over to my accountant. Easy peasy.

2. Unfold: 

If you have ever wondered how I get my photos into pretty layouts on white backgrounds for my instagram stories this is it! I don’t exactly like how small it displays the photos but it works well to tell a story in a cohesive and creative format! 

3. Word Swag: 

This is similar to Unfold but is more type based. There are tons of different font options to create motivational quotes or share information with your audience/friends. You can use your own photos or ones they provide. As a photographer I try to display my own work! It’s just one more way to get your images seen.  

4. Snap Seed: 

Perfect for editing images on your phone. You can clone out distracting elements in your photos with pretty accurate success. I do get a little frustrated at times with its ability to blend things out smoothly. This app allows you to adjust the color temperature of your images, exposure and more. It might take a little bit of experimenting if you aren’t familiar with some basic photography terms! 

5. Plann:

Okay, this might actually be tied with MileIQ as my favorite and definitely most-used app. Plannoly allows me to schedule my instagram posts in advance and organize the layout of my images! Because my work can have a moody aesthetic at times, I like to post brighter images next to darker ones. I also try to visually place close up images next to wide shots to create even more space.

Because I often come up with captions based off how I am feeling that day and what is relevant to me in the moment I don’t always use this app to plan super far in advance. I know some people will plan out a months worth of content where they can then set a specific time and day to post.

If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram!

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